Trends in the Global Digital Dentistry Market CAD/CAM

A detailed analysis carried out with the collaboration of various experts in the field of digital dentistry reveals a promising forecast for CAD/CAM technology. The size of the market of this industry was valued at 2.22 billion dollars in 2022 and is expected to grow to 4.92 billion dollars by 2030, with a CAGR of 9.3% between the years 2023-2030.

Market drivers that are setting a trend:

In North America, specifically in the United States and Canada, there is an important boost in the dental CAD/CAM market, attributed to the wide adoption of advanced dental technologies, the growing demand for aesthetic restorations and the significant presence of key players in the market, such as direct manufacturers of intraoral scanners or essential materials for the manufacture of these restorations.

On the other hand, in Europe, countries such as Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom lead the European market, driven by the high penetration of dental insurance in the region and the increase in the elderly population. In addition, in these countries there is a remarkable awareness of the importance of oral health, which is reflected in greater attention to prevention and early diagnoses to avoid serious oral diseases.

In the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China, Japan and South Korea, accelerated market growth is observed, driven by the increase in the middle class and the economic development of these countries. Likewise, they have improved their health infrastructure and there is a constant demand for high-quality services from patients.

Some key points that contribute to the growth of CAD/CAM digital dentistry include:

  • Precision and efficiency: CAD/CAM technology allows the creation of dental restorations with millimeter precision, which translates into a better fit and greater durability, in addition to speeding up the manufacturing process.
  • Superior aesthetics: Through personalized designs and a wide range of materials available, the CAD/CAM allows you to create restorations that integrate perfectly with the patient’s natural smile.
  • Greater comfort for the patient: The use of intraoral scanners eliminates the need for traditional molds, providing a more comfortable and less invasive experience for patients.
  • Profitability: The efficiency and accuracy of the CAD/CAM can result in a saving of time and materials for the dentist, which in turn can increase the profitability of the office.
  • Growing demand for aesthetic treatments: The growing demand for treatments such as veneers and zirconia crowns has driven the adoption of CAD/CAM technologies.
  • Technological innovations: The development of more sophisticated software and high-precision intraoral scanners has contributed to the growth of the market.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is redefining the standards of precision and efficiency in dental treatments, streamlining the design and manufacturing processes of dental restorations and improving the experience of both professionals and those who come to the consultation.

Leading companies such as Align Technology, Dentsply Sirona, Planmeca, Institut Straumann and 3Shape are at the forefront of this revolution, investing in innovative AI-based products and establishing strategic collaborations to take advantage of the promising prospects of the market.

The global CAD/CAM digital dentistry market promises an exciting future full of opportunities. Would you like more information about it? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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