The vital role of periodontists in digital dentistry

Understanding the relevance of periodontists in the field of digital dentistry means entering a field that merges the clinical expertise of these professionals with prosperous technologies. As professionals in the area we know that these experts specialize in the care of the gums and the structures that support the teeth, but today, they also play a crucial role in this synergy with the new advances that have pushed this area of health to new levels.

The essence of a periodontist lies in his work in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases, hence, the integration of intraoral scanners in his practice revolutionizes the way in which these challenges are addressed. The key itself is that these devices shorten the years of discovery of various pathologies, being found prematurely due to the capture of precise three-dimensional images of the oral cavity, which provide a thorough diagnosis of periodontal conditions.

To be more precise, with intraoral scanners, periodontists can:

1- Accurately evaluate the condition of the gums, detect early signs of diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

2- Accurately design personalized treatments for each of your patients.

3- Document in detail the progression of diseases over time, which facilitates the follow-up and adaptation of treatment plans according to the evolution of the different clients.

Currently, periodontists use various tools and techniques to examine the condition of the gums, the level of insertion of the teeth into the bone, the presence of periodontal sacs, gingival bleeding and possible bone loss. A key tool until now for these physicians was x-rays, but the accuracy of the images obtained by intraoral scanners came to revolutionize their field.

Not only does it facilitate the planning of surgical interventions, such as tissue grafts or the placement of dental implants, but it also favors patients because they can observe and understand their condition in situ.

The teaching for those who visit them in consultation after attention is also a powerful plus, since the detailed images serve as a powerful educational tool that allows periodontists to visually show the condition of the gums and explain more effectively the importance of treatment and proper oral hygiene.

The role of periodontists today is indispensable for all patients, therefore, their early integration with digital dentistry is very useful for public health. By incorporating digital dentistry at its best, the ability to share data between different specialties of the field, such as periodontics, dental restoration and implantology, is added, generating a symbiosis that only boosts the effectiveness and precision in care.

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