Surgical guides for dental implants: precision in digital dentistry

In modern dentistry, dental implants have become an increasingly popular option for replacing lost or damaged teeth. One of the most significant advancements in this field is the use of surgical guides for precise placement of dental implants. These guides have revolutionized the way implant surgery is performed, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and outcomes for patients. The benefits you can obtain as a dental professional are what we will share with you here.

What you need to know

These personalized devices will assist you as a dental surgeon in placing implants accurately and predictably. They are manufactured using cutting-edge technology such as intraoral scanning 3D printing, which creates digital models from the obtained images that you can use for your patients. You will also easily obtain a three-dimensional guide that will allow you to visualize the perfect location and angle for the subsequent insertion of the dental implant. In this entire process, it is important to rely on a trusted digital laboratory, and at SOi, we can help you achieve the best results in your scans and guide you effectively through the process.

Getting started

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the surgical guides for dental implants start with obtaining radiographic images and digital scans of the patient. After this step, a virtual model of the patient’s mouth is created. Here, you will have the necessary reproductions to assess the quantity and quality of the bone, surrounding anatomy, and the aesthetic goals that can be achieved to make decisions together with the patient. Then, the personalized surgical guide is fabricated.

During the surgery, the surgical guide is placed in the patient’s mouth, providing precise reference for drilling and implant placement. The guide limits the depth and angle of drilling, reducing the margin of error and minimizing the risk of damaging adjacent structures such as nerves or maxillary sinuses. The guide also ensures the correct position and alignment of the implant, which is crucial for long-term treatment success.

What benefits can you expect?

Precision: precise placement of dental implants, ensuring correct alignment and optimal distribution of masticatory forces. This helps prevent complications and maximize the durability of the implants. Efficiency in your work: you will optimize the number of preoperative consultations as well as surgical time with faster procedures. Better results: both in medical and aesthetic aspects, the results obtained with a surgical guide are far superior compared to traditional methods. This allows for a more comfortable and efficient patient recovery. Safety: as you know, by limiting the depth and angles of drilling, the risks associated with this type of surgery are reduced. Surgical guides contribute to the safety of your procedures and minimize potential complications. Do you need to design or manufacture surgical guides? You can leave it in the hands of our experts by requesting a job directly from our portal.

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