Revolutionizing Dental Prostheses: The Advantages of CAD/CAM Technology

The CAD/CAM solution is part of the day-to-day dental processes, taking the manufacturing of dental prostheses to the next level.

The technology has been a real revolution in the dental industry, completely transforming the procedure of manufacturing dental prostheses. Previously, the technique of making them was done manually through the casting of wax-coated patterns. However, thanks to CAD/CAM solutions, this operation is now highly mechanized and digitized, using 3D printing techniques to achieve more precise results.

Believing that the dental laboratory is still the same as in the past is impossible. CAD/CAM design has allowed a new way of understanding the work of those who make up this workspace. This technology has even brought new professionals into the industry, such as research teams, development specialists, and 3D design experts.

With intraoral scanners, precise and detailed images of teeth and gums can be obtained, which is especially useful for planning dental implants and manufacturing customized dental implants. In addition, digital models can be shared quickly and efficiently with other professionals, facilitating teamwork and collaboration in the design and manufacturing of prostheses.

The combination of intraoral scanners with CAD/CAM software allows dentists and dental laboratory technicians to achieve high-quality work and a perfect fit as the final result.

The advantages of CAD/CAM design in the industry are numerous. First, it achieves a high precision fit between prosthesis and implant, reducing the empty space between them and favoring patient recovery in the post-implantation stage. In addition, intraoral cameras allow tooth replacements to be made on implants with fewer patient visits to the office, significantly reducing the traumatic phase for the patient in the implantology process.

The best points to consider in CAD/CAM technology are:

  • Improved precision
  • Reduced working time
  • Less trauma for the patient
  • Collaboration with 3D teams
  • Virtually immediate visual solution for the patient through a computer

At SOi Digital, we are committed to quality. We undoubtedly bet that efficient integrated CAD/CAM work is the key to success in digital dentistry today. We are available to advise on the CAD/CAM solutions you are looking for, ensuring the best quality in dental prostheses.

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