OVO Intraoral Scanner: synergy between Dentists and Patients

Intraoral scanners have revolutionized digital dentistry, significantly improving the accuracy, efficiency and comfort of dental procedures. We are pleased to present the OVO intraoral scanner, a comprehensive solution for 2D images and 3D scans that will now be available to our customers.

Importance of intraoral scanners today

Diagnosis and planning of treatment: they allow a more detailed visualization and analysis of the dental structure, facilitating more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

Minimization of errors: digitization reduces the errors associated with manual prints and molding, resulting in higher quality prostheses and restorations.

Patient education: the generated 3D images allow dentists to better educate patients about their dental health and the necessary procedures, improving communication and understanding.

Documentation and follow-up: digital records allow an easier and more accurate follow-up of the evolution of treatment. Dentists can compare images over time to monitor changes and adjust treatments as needed.

Innovation in orthodontic treatments: in orthodontics, intraoral scanners are essential for the creation of transparent aligners. These devices allow detailed planning and the precise manufacture of customized aligners for each patient.

About our OVO scanner

Easy to Use: OVO perfectly integrates the intraoral scanner, the intraoral camera and the communication center. From the preliminary examination, OVO becomes the central axis of the dialogue with each patient. Equipped with a tablet and Scan & Tell software, the dentist can show and explain the options to the patient, increasing the rate of acceptance of the treatment. 2D images and 3D scans also facilitate the explanation of the different treatments.

SCAN&TELL Integrated Software: A single 3D scan allows you to present a personalized treatment plan to your patient in real time. Scan&Tell automatically selects the ideal 2D images of the 3D scan, optimizing the workflow to instantly create a treatment plan and help the patient accept it.

Benefits for your patients

  • Increase in the treatment acceptance rate: increase from 54% to 91%.
  • Early detection of dental conditions: allowing faster and more effective interventions.
  • Better understanding of the treatment plan: patients better understand the necessary procedures.
  • Increased commitment and trust: improves the relationship with future customers, generating trust and commitment to treatment.

With OVO, we not only improve dental practice, but also strengthen the relationship between dentists and patients, offering a more comfortable, accurate and efficient experience. Welcome to the new era of digital dentistry!

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