Medit introduces innovative improvements to Medit Link to enhance its intraoral scanners

The prominent Medit company, recognized for its 3D intraoral scanners and cutting-edge solutions in digital dentistry, announced significant updates on its Medit Link software platform, which mark a milestone in its technology, strengthening the collaboration between dental clinics and laboratories.

The improved version, Medit Link v3.2.0, features a more intuitive interface design, for the management of dental scans, case orders and the design and production of dental prostheses. Highlights in these improvements are Medit Scan for Clinics v1.11.0 and Medit Scan for Labs v1.6.0, both equipped with functions that set new standards in the industry.

First of all, the Patient Menu simplifies case management by patient, improving organizational efficiency. The patient filtering function provides a more specific approach to case management, significantly optimizing the workflow.

Secondly, Medit Scan for Clinics v1.11.0 presents improvements in the scanning process, offering a more fluid and accurate experience. It facilitates the rapid resumption from previous scanning data, reducing misalignments, especially in critical areas. High-resolution data processing functions for HD scanning areas and the Smart Scan Review are designed to improve accuracy and reduce the need for repeated scans.

In parallel, Medit Scan for Labs v1.6.0 incorporates functions such as intelligent additional scanning and the new Half Arch Alignment feature, further improving efficiency and accuracy in the laboratory.

According to Dentistry Today, Gyu Bum Ko, CEO of Medit, maintains that “these improvements in the Medit Link and Medit Scan software are not simply advances; they are a reflection of our commitment to innovation and leadership in digital dentistry. We always strive to offer solutions that not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of dental professionals and patients.”

For his part, Michael Lee, CTO of Medit, points out that “with the latest improvements in our Medit Link and Medit Scan software, we have taken a significant step towards optimizing the performance of intraoral scanners. Our technology is designed to ensure that these scanners not only offer accuracy and speed, but also an intuitive user experience.”

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