Dental laboratories and CAD/CAM design: do you need a partner?

The constant evolution of digital dentistry has consolidated CAD/CAM design as an essential tool for dental laboratories, allowing them to create personalized restorations in a precise and efficient way.

However, the implementation of CAD/CAM design can represent a considerable investment for these laboratories, since design equipment is expensive and staff training is long and costly.

In this scenario, the relationship between dental laboratories and CAD/CAM design requires to be thought of in a more strategic way from the operational and commercial point of view, appearing the figure of a supplier or partner as a natural response to these needs, since it provides significant advantages:

Adaptation to fluctuations in demand:

It allows you to adjust production capacity according to demand, either by increasing or reducing collaboration depending on the volume of work. This flexibility ensures a balanced management of the workload and avoids productivity losses.

Savings in software and training:

By avoiding the acquisition and maintenance of expensive software and the training of staff in their use, laboratories can save considerable financial resources or focus them on other purposes, such as enhancing marketing strategies to improve their positioning.

Specialized experience:

The virtuous circle between Dental Laboratories and CAD/CAM design through a partner, allows you to take advantage of the experience and competence necessary to create high-quality dental restorations that meet the highest standards, and above all, with the needs of patients.

What should you look for when creating a working relationship between the laboratory and CAD/CAM design provider?

Reputation: The reputation of the partner in the market must be considered, guaranteeing reliability and quality in the collaboration.

Experience: Evaluate the partner’s experience in creating dental restorations for various patients, ensuring versatility and adaptability.

Cutting-edge technology: Ensure that the partner uses up-to-date technology to keep up with market demands.

Customer service: The quality of the customer service of the CAD/CAM design partner is essential for a smooth and successful collaboration.

If you are reading this article to solve the search for a partner, we want to tell you that SOi Digital has all the features to achieve the operational and commercial efficiency you are looking for:

Experience: We have more than 14 years developing and democratizing digital dentistry in Chile

Speed: Digital designs in 24hrs. (6 hours in urgent cases)

Safety and accuracy: 97% of cases do not require any repetition.

Quality of service: 24/7 support

We invite you to join a high-level service at this link. Not only will you prove that the search for a partner is the best decision, but you will also discover that the relationship between dental laboratories and CAD/CAM design can be extremely fruitful. Shall we talk?

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