2024: Align Technoloy wants to revolutionize invisible aligners

Align Technology, Inc., a leading company in the world of medicine that specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing the revolutionary system of invisible aligners, iTero intraoral scanners and exocad CAD/CAM software for digital dentistry and restorative dentistry, has presented its latest innovation: the SmartForce function for activating aligners without accessories. The main objective of this progress is to reduce the need to use attachments in the treatment process, while guaranteeing consistent results in dental alignment.

The new

The function of activating aligners without accessories is based on the fundamental biomechanical principles developed by Align and takes advantage of the immense database it stores, with information from more than 15.7 million patients. These data are used to optimize dental movements, which makes it the latest addition to a series of biomechanical advances designed to improve the experience of patients who opt for Invisalign treatment.

This new feature is integrated into Align’s digital platform, which makes it an essential component of the Invisalign treatment process. In addition, an update related to treatment planning has been scheduled in ClinCheck, which will include a real-time function for 3D controls, including the option of activating aligners without accessories.

The set of SmartForce features, which includes precisely designed accessories in tones that match the color of the teeth, is designed to apply forces in a specific way, at the exact time and place, thus guaranteeing more predictable dental movements. In situations where specific movements of the mesio-distal root are needed in the upper front teeth, double accessories are often required. Although these optimized accessories are essential for an effective treatment with Invisalign, this new version allows certain movements to be achieved using the activation of the aligner, thus reducing the need for double accessories on the front teeth. In cases where an accessory is still required, it will be applied in combination with the activation of the aligner, similar to how it is used in other teeth, such as canines and premolars.

Raj Pudipeddi, Director of Products and Marketing at Align, Executive Vice President and General Director of Asia Pacific, commented: “After a thorough analysis, it was clear that our doctors and their patients needed an aesthetic solution to improve the Invisalign treatment experience. With this revolutionary innovation based on advances in the activation of aligners developed by Align, we meet the needs of doctors and their patients, without compromising the exceptional results offered by the Invisalign treatment.”

With the introduction of this function for activating aligners without accessories, doctors will be able to benefit from the treatments of a considerable number of cases. According to the analysis of more than 2 million cases of Invisalign treatment, up to 38% of future cases could take advantage of this new function for mesio-distal root movements.

The new SmartForce function for activating aligners without accessories is expected to be available in the first half of 2024.

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